Family Law: Divorce, Custody, Support

Getting a divorce, deciding custody of your children and understanding spousal and child support can be the most important thing in your life.  Hiring an experienced attorney to help navigate these issues is important to ensuring you understand the practices and procedures surrounding them in court.

Attorney Ann Saponara can help you:
– navigate custody issues, including visitation, custody evaluation and school choice issues
– calculate the division of community property and the determination of separate property
– calculate fair and reasonable child and spousal support
– write contracts prior to marriage (prenuptial agreements) or after marriage (post-nuptial agreements or marital settlement agreements for divorcing couples)

Ann Saponara always encourages settlement unless there is ongoing detriment to a child.  If settlement is not possible due to children’s safety or obstructionist behavior of the other party, she is a vigorous advocate.  Ann Saponara encourages all of her clients to engage in mediation where possible and in certain situations, is willing to act as a mediator.  Call for an initial consultation to discuss your needs.