Marital Agreements & Family Law Mediation

Many professionals are deciding they need to have marital agreements and family law mediation for overall peace of mind. They have worked hard to get where they are in life and may have extensive assets or property holdings that they wish to protect from potential problems should a marriage fail or have other problems later on. Getting these agreements into a legally acceptable form is an area of practice that Attorney Ann Saponara of Fremont, CA enjoys.

Attorney Ann Saponara

Attorney Ann Saponara is a warm and caring lawyer who works with many professionals and is able to effectuate their wishes after meetings to discuss options.

Northern California Nuptial & Marriage Agreements Lawyer

Attorney Ann Saponara is well acquainted with the California court system as a Northern California Nuptial & Marriage Agreements Lawyer. Clients trust Ann, and they are happy to work with her in setting up estate plans and marital agreements.

Not all legal agreements are black and white; some are just grey. We can help! Turn to the Law Office of Ann Saponara, a Professional Corporation for help with your business and personal legal matters, including pre-nuptial and post-marriage agreements.