California Probate Court can be navigated more easily with an experienced Northern California Probate Lawyer. Attorney Ann Saponara is an experienced Probate Lawyer who helps clients deal with legal issues that end up in Probate, or when clients wish for their loved ones to avoid probate altogether with a properly drafted Trust.

Attorney Ann Saponara

When clients come to the Law Office of Ann Saponara, a Professional Corporation, Fremont, CA, they may need to understand their role as successor trustee or may need to file a petition with the probate court to have assets confirmed to a trust or to administer an estate. Sometimes, a petition for guardianship of the estate needs to be filed in probate court for minors to inherit life insurance policy proceeds or other funds from someone who has passed. Ann Saponara can help with these types of petitions in probate court.

Northern California Probate Lawyer

Attorney Ann Saponara is experienced at creating all types of wills and trusts for clients, including advanced estate planning. She helps many Fremont, CA, area clients who need pre-nuptial or post-marital agreements or who are in litigation. Ann engages in litigation when necessary, represents clients in Probate court, and also works with trustees and administrators to help ensure that they complete their successor trustee jobs appropriately.

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