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Estate Planning

My mother needed to update her living trust which was originally created over 30 years ago. Beneficiaries needed to be added and deleted. Ann Saponara was referred to me via a lawyer friend of mine. My mom and I met with Ann, and our initial impression of her was very positive. Ann listened to our concerns, and we presented her with the original living trust that needed to be modified. She told us that it would take her about a week for her to review the documents and make the necessary changes. I received a call from Ann's office a week later stating that the document was ready to be reviewed. I went to pick it up to review it with my mom. Because of my work schedule, my mom's personal schedule, and Ann's client schedule, we made an appointment that was mutually agreed upon for the final signatures. The whole process from beginning, middle and end went smoothly, and my mom and I were treated warmly and with much respect. Also, because of my mom's fixed income, Ann proposed a fee that was affordable.
I would highly recommend Ann to any person who needs a living trust.

– Rudy, a Trusts client

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